The Dress Has Arrived

Julie's gown is waiting for her at the bridal boutique.

by Julie Sharper

Last week I received a letter from my bridal store letting me know my dress has arrived.I won’t deny it, my excitement level was way up there. So in two weeks my mum, sister in law and I will head to the store to try the dress on with my shoes and veil, it would be nice to try it on ASAP though due to university commitments I cannot try it on any  earlier, boo hoo for me and academia. However I’m sure once I get that baby on I will shed a little tear or two. I’m a bit of a gusher when it comes to weddings, particularly my own.

Diary of a Bride Julie - Elegant Wedding Dress

Though I’m a little worried that it won’t fit, my friends have assured me that they all felt this way though it has been almost six months since I last tried it on and in that time I have had Christmas — meaning lots of eating — and New Year’s — so lots of drinking.  Neither one is conducive to keeping healthy or in shape.

Another little worry is that my shoes don’t arrive on time.  Shoes you say…? Yes! I finally found the shoes of my dreams and you could say they do have a close resemblance to the Kate Spade shoes I drooled over earlier in my search for shoes. But lucky for me, they are a fraction of the price. The last time I checked the shoes were estimated to arrive from the States on the 21st of January ,  three days before my fitting. Fingers crossed they arrive on time.

Diary of a Bride Julie - J Renne Shoe

Besides the shoes possibly not arriving on time, the veil,  which is my something borrowed, is slightly creased… Ok, slightly creased is an understatement! It’s very creased due to its living arrangements in one of my old Country Road bags. So my quest for this week is to find a way to straighten it out before my fitting. Someone suggested that I iron it on a low heat with a towel over the top, though I am worried that it would melt. Hopefully Google has the answer.

Other happy news is that the bridesmaid’s dresses are on the way. They are in transit somewhere over the Indian Ocean and hopefully my online ordering skills have done well and the dresses are in one piece because as yet I don’t have any back up plan if the dresses are a major fail.

I will keep you all posted on how the fitting went, for those ladies doing the same. Good luck?

Have you recently tried on your finished wedding gown for the first time? Was it just as you’d hoped? Or were there some surprises?

by Julie Sharper


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  1. Where did the shoes eventually come from? Also struggling to find shoes that I like that are in my price range.

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