Big Bridesmaid Conspiracy Theory

Lucy studies a strange survey in the UK claiming that a high percentage of brides choose bigger bridesmaids so they in turn look smaller!

by Lucy Kippist

Bride’s cop an awful lot of flak sometimes. Ever since the pilot of that hilarious American reality show Bridezilla hit our television screens “paying out” on the bride has become something of a blood sport.

As the shrieking New York brides-to-be demanded their sisters wear folds of flecked peach taffeta, we rolled our eyes and stamped our feet with laughter. Ditto when they completely lost it over a wedding cake that tipped ever so slightly too much to the right-side or when the reception flowers arrived mere minutes before the canapés were served.

Hey, it wasn’t our wedding. The American brides were rich, entertaining and at the end of day, everyone always had a good time. Which is the whole point of a wedding right? Right, unless you’re British, because in that case you don’t give two hoots what anyone else is doing at your wedding as long as they aren’t thinner than you.

That’s according to a recent survey by Sure Slim that shows British brides have become so obsessed with looking good on their “big day” that one third of them choose bridesmaids who fall into the “fatter” category just to make sure.  While another 40 per cent spent hours agonising over their guest list to make sure there will not be too many “skinny” guests floating around them at the reception.

Sure Slim nutrionist made told The Daily Telegraph the results were “very sad and a “real shame”: “If you’re a bride all eyes are going to be on you on the day and this can make a lot of women very self conscious. Women are obviously feeling such pressure to look good on their big day that they are resorting to selecting bridesmaids larger than themselves,” she said.

And it’s a statement that touches on the bleeding obvious while also managing to completely miss the real tragedy of this story. Any bride who chooses this selection criteria for their big day, have also lost the ability to be a decent human being.  Not to mention any hope of having real friends after the “big day’s” all done and dusted.

Article from Daily Telegraph

Knot Note: We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic – has the thought of only hanging out with the slim guests ever entered your mind? Did you choose your big friends over your best friends for your bridesmaids? Share your comments and advice with Knotties in the text box below.

by Lucy Kippist


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