The Most Special Moment Of My Wedding Day: Real Brides Spill

These brides told us which moments had their hearts beating the hardest.

by Rebecca Hanley

So you’re counting down til your big day; but which moment are you looking forward to most? These real brides revealed which part of their wedding day was the most special of all. Warning: Kleenex may be required!

“Our favourite part of the day was entering the reception to Beautiful Day by U2 and seeing all of our family and friends so happy to be there to celebrate with us.” Kirby Stingle, 23


Kirby and James. Photography: Astrid Simone Photography

“The ceremony was short and sweet, and the venue (The Waterfront) was so beautiful. We were then announced husband and wife and what a great moment marrying your best friend. It was such a precious day, the best day of our lives.” Laura Cresswell.


Laura and Chris. Photography: Cassi Kennedy Photography

“The highlight was the wedding in its entirety… the fact that we had so many people from afar, combined with our dearest friends and family to celebrate with us.  Every item at the venue had a story regarding how it was found, where it was bought or who helped make it.  Family and friends helped us in the lead up, during and after the wedding, which made the wedding even more meaningful to us.” Marie Young, 25


Marie and Daniel. Photography: Greg Lin

“Our first dance! It was Louise Armstrong’s Le Vie En Rose, meaning life in pink. We chose it because it is just a beautiful song that reminded us of the time we spent in Paris, my favourite place overseas.” Sarah Duzelovski, 26

Melbourne Wedding Photographer | Sumac (Docklands, Victoria)

Sarah and Robert. Photography: Mega Pixels.

“Walking into the wedding reception as husband and wife to see all our friends and family clapping and cheering.” Vanessa Patterson, 34


Vanessa and Dean (centre). Photography: Lorraine Beckett Photography

“My favourite part was at the ceremony looking out to all of our family and friends. We know each person made the special effort to be there for Martin and I, it was beautiful and I felt so honoured to have them all there.” Lisa Corinne Scott, 29


Lisa and her bridal party. Photography: Pomegranate Photo

“Marrying the man I love! Aside from that, it was walking down the aisle with my dad who had fractured his hip a few weeks before the wedding but had put off the operation so that he could walk me down the aisle. So he walked me down the aisle on a fractured hip. That meant more to me than he’ll ever know.” Caroline Martin, 34


Caroline & Jonothan. Photography: MM Photos

“I think my favourite part of the day was when we were sitting in the limousine after the church service. Gary and I looked at each other and I said ‘We have done it. We survived the madness and stress of planning and now we are husband and wife’. That was the best feeling in the world, to know that I have married the man I love with my whole heart and we are going to spend the rest of our lives together.” Kate Fiddick, 27


Kate and Gary. Photography: Freo Photography

“The whole day! Everything was amazing but I really enjoyed kicking back with my friends and family and dancing for hours after the formalities were finalised.” Stephanie Clarke, 21

Stephanie & Ben-1186

Stephanie and Ben. Photography: Mark Newsham Photography

“The location photos were the best fun, we were both more relaxed as we were married at this stage and got to have some fun with our closest friends – the bridal party.” Paige Pisconeri, 27


Paige and Shane. Photography: Merge Photography

 What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day, Knotties?

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by Rebecca Hanley


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