Tara Moss Weds In Red

The proposal was in Paris, but Tara Moss and fiance Berndt Sellheim choose to marry in West Australia's Margaret River in a secret ceremony on Friday.

by Alicia Richardson

It has been confirmed that writer Tara Moss married her fiance, West Australian poet and philosopher, Berndt Sellheim in a secret ceremony on Friday.

The intimate wedding took place at Voyager Estate at Margaret River with just 60 guests present. The bride wore a strapless Alex Perry dress and carried a bouquet of blood red roses. Tara and Berndt showed their support for the designer & were snapped in the front row at Alex Perry’s latest show in August (see image).

The finishing touches in keeping with Tara’s style and passion for romance? She was wearing a locket which contained strands of her and Sellheim’s hair and the wedding cake was topped with a miniature skeleton bride and groom, a Peruvian tradition signifying eternal love.

Curious as to a bride who marries in red? This is the image that Tara has posted on her Twitter page for fans to see, and am sure you will all agree she looks amazing:

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by Alicia Richardson


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