So We’re Having a Smorgasboard…

Julie never imagined she'd have an 'all-you-can-eat' buffet at her wedding...

by Julie Sharper

I might have touched on this subject way back when I first started writing my blogs however a lot has happened in between, so here is how we finally came about our food options for our wedding.

Now when we first started organising our wedding I always envisioned a full sit down dinner, I like the idea that my guests don’t have to leave their seats to collect their meals as they would for a smorgasbord. Another reason is I’ve never liked how the food sat in the warmers for long periods of time, especially fish, that never keeps well, and who wants soggy fish.

So I decided on a sit down dinner. If you haven’t noticed my partner hasn’t had much input in this part of the wedding, I blame it on my extreme love for all things food, so I set out to find my caterer. Now I should add, I came to the idea of a sit down dinner well before I chose the venue, so my search for the perfect sit down dinner halted before it started, unfortunately I did not consider that some venue’s may not be able to accommodate a full sit down dinner.

If you have read any of my previous blogs you will know we chose a 125 year old heritage listed reception venue and with that my hopes of a full sit down dinner had been dashed…unless I had big bucks to bring in a mobile kitchen and alas we do not.

So I quickly got over that idea and rushed to find a solution. Luckily we have such a handy venue manager who got us onto some caterers who offered other options. After a few discussions with the different catering services we finally settled for one, mainly because of their long history with the venue and their food options looked yummy.

Diary of a Bride: Julie -- Smorgasboard

So new plan smorgasbord, that’s right I wrote it, SMORGASBOARD, though I’m not worried, our caterer offers smorgasbord menus that are reminiscent of a sit down menu (Succulent South West Beef studded with garlic and rubbed with rock salt or Breast of Turkey Roasted with hazelnuts & paprika butter, to name a few) and after discussing our options I feel confident in our choice.

We also visited the company to check out where they make their food and chat to the chef, who further increased my confidence in such a catering option, also the smells coming from the kitchen really cemented our decision, I can’t wait to try it all.

There you have it, we have taken the plunge and gone for all you can eat!

Till next time. Julie xo

Are you having a smorgasboard at your wedding?

by Julie Sharper


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