Sarah Alice Andrews Couture

A unique midriff baring wedding gown.

by Viva Vayspap

Sarah Alice Andrews follows traditional methods of couture, requiring several fittings for your stunning one-off gown.

Her creations complement each bride’s body shape, unique personality and style – like this daring gown made in a beautiful blush silk dupoin and overlaid in a soft peach tulle. It features a large cut-out section that’s reminiscent of an Indian sari ensemble with a midriff-baring shell top. The gown appears to be created in two pieces but is in fact made all in one piece and according to Sarah technically difficult to construct “I didn’t want to add any pieces around the waist to give support”

Soft and pretty yet showing a lot of skin, this gown is particularly suited to a sultry summer wedding and a bride who is not afraid to expose all her sides.“I like my gowns to have a sculptural element about them and to look beautiful from every angle they are viewed at – including the side.”

Photo: Robin Foster of Foster Photography

A gorgeous midriff baring Indian ensemble

Photo: Getty Images

Would you dare to  bare your midrif on your wedding day?

by Viva Vayspap


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