Pretty Printed Dresses

Add a twist to your bridal party by adding a pretty printed style into the mix!

by Alexandra Thompson

There is no doubt that bridesmaid dresses are becoming more stylish and versatile (no more 27 never-to-be-worn-again dresses crowding your wardrobe). Brides are letting their maids find styles and colours that suit them, and even printed dresses are popping up more often a trend we love here at The Knot HQ.

Take inspiration from these chic bridal parties who opted for a playful print…

As a group, the girls decided on a vintage sewing pattern that everyone liked and created the bridesmaid dresses. They tweaked details such as the skirt length and hemline to flatter each girl. Whatever extra fabric was left over was used to create fabric buntings and placemats for the wedding.

These bridesmaids chose their favourite style and colour from a palette of sage green, champagne, and peach, which set the tone for the rest of the wedding décor, the maid of honour wore a print to set her apart.

Each bridesmaid chose a dress that fit her personality and included various shades of green, the line up looked great with a few prints thrown in!

Are your bridesmaids wearing printed dresses?

by Alexandra Thompson


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