Pre (And Post) Wedding: Skincare Tips

How should you look after your skin before and after your big day?

Beauty treatments in the lead up to a bride’s big day are often a must especially when everybody’s eyes will be on them. But whether you’re keen on investing in any or not it’s important to figure out what will work best for you, your usual beauty routine and of course, your skin.

Melanie Grant is a renowned facialist and skin professional based in Sydney and her clinic, Double Bay Clinic offers great beauty advice for brides in the lead up (and post) their big day. That’s why we sat down with her for a quick chat to talk all things beauty treatments and to find out what options are available for brides-to be.

In the month leading up to a wedding what treatments do you recommend a bride schedule (or invest in) before her big day?

I am a firm believer that beauty and wellness go hand in hand – that prevention is better than cure. Rather than solely trying to chase and fix individual problem areas, I always recommend in improving your overall complexion – its texture, tone and hydration.

That will be a different approach for each of us. No two complexions are exactly alike and all treatments should be specific to an individual bride’s skin.

One of the most important factors is to allow enough time for the full result to develop. For example, if you are treating acne scarring, allow at least 3 months before the big day. I advise devising a treatment plan with your skin therapist at least 6 months prior to your wedding.

What treatments should a bride keep up after she returns from her honeymoon? 

A consistent maintenance regime after your wedding will help protect the investment you’ve made with your skin for your big day. Good maintenance treatments should focus on skin health, e.g. microdermabrasion and Omnilux light therapy are an ideal combination.

Always try to schedule at least one maintenance treatment every four to six weeks.

What is the most popular skin treatment that bride’s book into your clinic for?

By far the most popular treatment for brides at Double Bay Clinic is our ‘Get Ready’ treatments. These are custom combination treatments that focus on improving the overall quality and texture of the skin. We want to get the skin looking as healthy and natural as possible…to minimise use of makeup (and certainly as a ‘cover-up’) on the day. These treatments are a gentle and consistent approach to great skin without the downtime.

What treatment would you recommend women invest in?  Whether they’re getting married or not.

Our skin is unique to us – a reflection of a whole range of factors from diet, exercise, water intake, environment and individual skin care routines i.e. cleansing, sun protection etc…. there is no single treatment that will be right for all. The best treatment we can all invest in is education, which becomes a lifestyle where we know how to look after ourselves. For our skin’s sake, there are fundamentals that we all should follow;  SPF every day no matter the weather, a balanced diet,  maintaining hydration, and finally, an effective home skincare regime.
Can you talk us through your beauty routine quickly. What do you do to keep your skin looking good? 

It’s quick and it focuses on prevention. I always cleanse in the shower and apply an antioxidant serum every morning, which is followed by a moisturiser that contains a broad spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen. I never leave the house without sunscreen!  At night, after cleansing (again in the shower), I use a retinol serum and then follow with a simple moisturiser. Brides shouldn’t stray too far from their normal skincare routine before their big day.


Image: Melanie Grant, Director of The Double Bay Clinic

Tell us Knotties what skincare routines do you have planned before your big day?

by Yadira Galarza



  1. Great advice from Melanie. I know my skin looks much better when I drink a lot of water and lesson my intake of coffee and alcohol. Protection from UV using a good SPF is paramount in my everyday skin routine.

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