Positive Outcome for Choice Wedding Roundtable

The Knot joined other wedding industry leaders yesterday at the Choice Wedding Roundtable discussion. Here's the verdict.

by The Knot

The Choice Wedding Roundtable was held yesterday at Toko Restaurant in Surry Hills and was an excellent mix of key industry professionals. The discussion’s focus was to address if all industries automatically charge a higher amount if a wedding is mentioned.

The verdict? The service that is expected, and in most instances provided, for a wedding far exceeds that than a typical ‘event’ and therefore the couple are simply being asked to pay for the service they are receiving. The one area which remains a little murky? When couples are given no choice but to book an inflexible ‘wedding package’ when it comes to certain services. It was concluded that having at least some flexibility in all circumstances shows much more respect for the customer.

The key findings that will help all couples moving forward?

  • Research as much as possible. (The Knot loves to do as much of this for you as we can!)
  • Always check the reputation of the supplier you are working with. Once again websites such as The Knot are very helpful and be sure to jump onto the forums to speak with other Knotties.
  • Always book in for one-on-one meetings with all vendors that make your short list to ensure that they understand fully what your needs are and you have confidence they can deliver.
  • Spend time doing a proper price and service comparison before making a decision on who you book with for every area.
  • Finally always ensure that you are comfortable that you’ve got the grounds for a good client-provider relationship with each supplier. No doubt you will be putting your heart and soul into your wedding and you need someone who truly gets you and wants to deliver for all the right reasons.

Choice Magazine have provided this video excerpt:

The good news is that everyone who attended has a passion for making weddings in Australia amazing. In fact everyone adored the couples they work with and were willing to go out of their way time and time again to ensure they had the dream day. Nice indeed.

List of those who also attended: Henry Roth (Designer), Anthea Leonard (Sweet Art), Claire Aristedis (Lifegloss), Claudette Gebron (Makeup Artist), David Mendes (Karen Magazine), Lorraine Elliot (Not Quite Nigella), Lynleigh McPherson (Belinda Franks Catering), Matt Lee (Infinity Photography), Matthew Duchesne (Milk & Honey Photography), Phoebe Gazal (Papier d’Amour).

by The Knot


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