Natasha & Trent: A Match Made in eHarmony Heaven

Love really can be found online. Natasha Evans, 30 (and a music teacher) and Trent Bagshaw, 28 (and a sales/marketing manager), met on the dating site in 2011 and felt…

by Erin Whitty

“He’d been on the site for around a month and I’d been a member for a week and a half,” Natasha remembers. “We argue over who made first contact but I think it was actually me!” The website sends each member between six and ten compatible profiles per day. “At first it was very formal and I sent him a generic message saying, ‘You look nice, I think you seem nice,’” and Trent quickly responded by email and said, “Look, we could go through this formal process or or we could just meet for coffee.” Sticking to the advice of eHarmony (where it suggests taking things slowly) Natasha wanted to get to know him first.  “I liked his emails, they were really funny,” she says. “We weren’t emailing for very long, maybe two or three, and then we decided to meet up for coffee and had this epically long first date.” They hung out along Brisbane’s South Bank. “We were really easy with each other and I felt like I could just be myself,” Natasha says. “I remember calling my mum straight after saying, I think I just met my future husband!”

Earlier this year, Trent sealed the deal with a proposal. He took Natasha to all the places they went on their first date, but in reverse. “We ended up back at the place where we first laid eyes on each other [in front of the Ferris wheel] and he pulled a ring from his pocket and proposed!”

They married last weekend in the gardens of St Lucia Golf Links and later celebrated at HillStone St Lucia. Here are some gorgeous photos of the day:

Natasha & Trent: The Gown

Natasha & Trent: Bridemsaids

Natasha & Trent: Bride & Groom

Natasha & Trent: The Ceremony

Natasha & Trent: The Reception

All pictures by: Norris Chau Photography

According to an eHarmony study, nearly one in 10 Australians has found love online. 35-44 year olds are the most successful, with one in six finding their perfect match on the internet.

Over the past 5 years, eHarmony Australia has been responsible for:
– Almost 1 in every 50 Australian marriages
– 11,000 Australian weddings
– 1.5 million registrations

Worried that online dating could be dangerous?

“We take member safety very seriously.” Says eHarmony representative, Jason Chuck. “ We’re constantly working on protecting our users and ensuring they have the best experience they can. Along with our internal checks we rely on our members to let us know if they experience any suspicious behaviour which we can then investigate.”

Here are his best tips for dating online safely:

If in doubt, question any of your matches who ask for:
1.    Money – They don’t really want to put credit on their phone/buy a plane ticket/help out a sick relative
2.    Access to your online accounts – You wouldn’t give this information to someone you met at a pub or club, don’t do it with someone you’ve met online.
3.    Specific personal questions about where you bank, your address, pet’s names, school names, etc. – They are looking for clues as to what your online passwords might be, don’t give it to them.

Did you meet your fiance online? Or do you know anyone who did?

by Erin Whitty


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