Lesson Learned From World’s Longest Wedding Train

Is a super long wedding train nothing more than a royal pain? The Guinness Book of Records helps with the answer.

by Alicia Richardson

You have to applaud those who set new world records in all things related to weddings. For while it may not be something that you wish to emulate (truly most expensive is not a term anyone would sanely use when setting a wedding budget) the records help us to keep things in perspective.

Case in point: the most recent bridal related entry to the Guinness Book of Records has been for the world’s longest wedding dress train, which measured a whopping 1.85 miles (just under 3 kilometres), was created with taffeta and Chantilly lace, taking 10 seamstresses 100 days in total to stitch.

Created in Romania by fashion house Andree Salon for the bi-annual Wedding Fair in Bucharest, the train didn’t have to negotiate a church aisle but was instead sent up in a hot air balloon worn by a local model.

Now while Andree Salon and all associated with this fashion feat were successful in earning a place in the Guinness Book of World Records, plus some media coverage, the aspect of the story which really jumped out to us here at The Knot was how little an impact it made on those actually witnessing the train in all it’s 2977 metres of glory. Apparently passers by didn’t do much more than blink as they walked on by. Thats right, apparently most locals didn’t turn their heads to check it out or even stop for a moment watch it fly away.

Other stories related to record breaking trains include the one that was worn by a bride in China in 2009 which totalled 2.25 kilometres in length and took the 200 guests over three hours to unroll. Bet some of those guests wished they had RSVP’d no! Later that year another bride was married in Lebanon with a 3358 metre long train which required her to sit in a bus with the train trailing out on the road behind. Messy.

Lesson learned – keep the train at a manageable length particularly if you aren’t planning on arriving by hot air balloon. A train can certainly add impact and transform your look (just ask the Duchess of Cambridge a.k.a. Kate Middleton as she would certainly agree) but you don’t want it ruling the day.

The most important thing for a bride is to remain calm and relaxed, which a train longer than even a mini-bus can mess with. After all your fiance, family and friends will all be fixated on your overjoyed face as you walk down the aisle, you don’t want that moment ruined by tripping over an excess of fabric or a panic as your bridesmaids find they can’t cope with the weight of the train you’re expecting them to help you carry.

by Alicia Richardson


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