Kylie Minogue Explains The Hag-Do On Graham Norton

Gay couples in the UK are having Hag Do's as we speak, but what exactly are they?

by Wedding Club

Earlier this month, guests on The Graham Norton Show were discussing the “Hag-Do”, or “Hag Party” as we might prefer to call it in Australia. Graham seems to think that the term refers to a party that combines both the Hens and Stags into one event, but we hear from his guests that it’s a new phenomenon that gay marriages are taking on. From what we can see, it often involves a Kylie Minogue theme, and in the image below, superfan James Wolstenholme’s party involved a “Kylie through the years” motif, which is obviously utterly fabulous. He’s the one in blue. Not very easy to explain, but the video above and image below might help you make sense of it!

grahamnortonimage from @Firthy1981/Twitter

kylieimage from @kylieminogue/Instagram

by Wedding Club


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