John Legend’s Wedding Obsession

John Legend performed at a wedding reception party in California, just a year after the Kimye gala!

by Wedding Club

11296818_656803754452605_1130649493_n[1]Image from @luv4heart27/Instagram

Earlier this week (15 June 2015), John Legend was reported to have performed at a wedding reception party in California. Like many couples this year, Sunitha and Sridhar Reddy’s very extravagant event included the wedding song of the moment, “All Of Me”, except they had the special privilege of having the Legend himself sing it live to commemorate the special occasion.

11313677_1459243401053028_1098240962_n[1]Image from @nikkilee901/Instagram

This comes a year after Legend performed at Kim and Kanye West’s wedding, and two months after he serenaded his pet bulldogs Puddy and Pippa, for the Show Me charity campaign, that aims to give every child access to a quality education. It’s just as well that John Legend seems to enjoy the wedding singer gig, because we are certain that there will be no shortage of requests any time soon!

by Wedding Club


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