All Brides Want a JASONGRECH White Christmas

I think I have a crush on Jason Grech. How can you not when you know he spends…

We were clapping our hands with glee when Jason Grech called to tell us his new images of his JASONGRECH White range were on their way to The Knot. This beautiful collection of made-to-measure wedding gowns was launched in June this year after years of requests from brides longing for the JASONGRECH touch. “After 11 years of doing couture bridal design, I realized that it’s something I really love doing. I could not find anything that I would love to wear if I was a bride in the made-to-measure market that was beautiful, well made and gorgeous. Brides have been asking us for years if we do bridal.” says Grech “I thought it was time to finally launch my own collection and continue to offer the couture service!”

JASONGRECH White gowns are created with laces which are handmade in France by companies Sophie Hallette and Riches Marescot, famous for supplying to designers such as Balenciaga, Dior, Christian Lacroix and Chanel. “It all starts with the lace” explains Grech “It’s the inspiration behind the entire gown, because you want to show it off as the feature detail of the bridal dress.”

Other elements that fans of JASONGRECH know to expect, including intricate detailing, fabrics including European delicate silks and stain, plus the importance placed of designing to compliment a women’s body from top to toe are all taken care of in the JASONGRECH White designs too.

Jason tends to each fitting personally, plus will take some weight off the brides shoulder in making suggestions for the accessories too, giving input on the perfect shoes and jewellery to the ideal bouquet to team with the gown. Every bride will feel like she’s being styled for the runways of Paris, Milan or New York!

The JASONGRECH White Style Office is located in North Melbourne in a huge space that was originally a horse stables. Grech has made the loft space a bridal VIP area and the gowns are made on site, so there’s the wonderful buzz of creation all around. See all the images for JASONGRECH White gowns including Fairytale, Breathless and Femme.

by Alicia Richardson



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