Is Hunter-Gatherer The New Bucks Trend?

Petaluma winemaker Peter Dredge was man enough to share what really happened at the 'Buck's Show' he attended. We think this (mostly) healthy trend is one to watch.

by The Knot

When we met the handsome winemaker from Petaluma, Peter Dredge(who is responsible for Croser sparkling), last week he kindly promised to share some insider information on the weekender bucks party he was heading to. Peter did not disappoint and came to me this afternoon with the below report on the bucks weekend. I like that it’s been renamed ‘The Show’, after all many of these men had spears! 

“The Buck’s show was in a word…. salubrious. There was a myriad of things to do. Between the crowd of around 86 at its peak there were extremists who hit the surf on the south end of Yorke Peninsula (myself included); hunter gathers who found a few abalone and a huge amount of squid for dinner or just snorkelled their way around the coast lazily. There were a few who just couldn’t let the Spring Racing Carnival die and hit the TAB at the local for the Saturday afternoon.

Dinner was a nice blend of seafood and several Webers roasting every different kind of meat known to man (all the food groups really). I had a couple of Petaluma Coonawarra 1988 magnums on hand to help the Lamb digest and then it was onto music, singing, hilarity,  a poker tournament and a few sore heads on the Sunday morning.

The hangover was no match for the serenity of Port Vincent and the beautiful clear ocean water to swim and soak the morning away. The Adelaide Hills being only a few bumps on the water’s horizon still watching over us before our reluctant return to them later that afternoon. And we haven’t even gotten the best part yet, the wedding of course.”

I love the way these lads took it back to nature in so many ways, it’s like the whole tribe went out and did what they did best — just as they would have ten thousand years ago — with the goal of ensuring that the resulting party was full of food for men, top wine and loads of laughs. Should we be speaking to someone about the film rights?

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by The Knot


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