How to Instagram Your Wedding

Satisfy your Instagram (and wedding planning) addiction with these fun Insta-products.

by Jessica Swavley & Anja Winikka

We’re slightly obsessed with a little thing called Instagram here at The Knot HQ so we thought we’d share some clever Insta-products we’ve stumbled across that could be a fun addition for your wedding events. Have fun!

Hashtag Your Wedding and Print Photos With Printstagram

Come up with a hashtag for your wedding (#lucyandpaulgethitched #mrandmrsjohnson #weddingofsharonandtim) and spread the news to friends and family (via your wedding website of course). There are several sites that’ll let you print from Instagam. Check out Printstagram for mini albums and books. They’re the perfect complement to your bigger professional album!

Make Magnet Keepsakes with Stickygram

There are a couple of sites that will allow you to print your Instagram photos as magnets — Stickygram is one way to go. Order extra magnets and give them to mum and dad as gifts — then (obviously) plaster your newlywed fridge with them!

Send Postagram Save-The-Date Postcards

Download Postagram to your phone, choose your photo, add the copy, and compile your guests’ home addresses. The site actually coordinates and sends the cards for you. Double bonus: It only costs about $1/postcard.

Create Sticker Labels (for Favours!) Using Instagoodies

Jazz up your wedding favor boxes or thank-you cards with Instagram photo stickers using Instagoodies. It’s a low-cost way to really make an impact (get 90 stickers for $14).

Show Off Your Honeymoon Photos With Casetagram

How else are you going to put all those pretty beach photo to good use? Casestagram.com lets you curate and create your very own iPhone case — made entirely out of Instagram photos.

Are you obsessed with Instagram too? Will you try any of these ideas for your wedding?

by Jessica Swavley & Anja Winikka


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