Hosting A Hens Party

A few of Julie's friends are getting married around her wedding date. So before she gets her own…

Now I’m not the only lucky girl in my group of friends to be getting married, there are actually four of us, and only a few months and in one case a few weeks separate our wedding dates. So having my girlfriends in the same boat has been great, they are wealth of information and when we are all together we sound like group of hens.

So that brings me to the hens night or in my case several nights, I have to admit I’m the only one in my group who has never been to a hens night and I have been bestowed the honor of helping organise my best friend’s hens night and the first one of the season.

Ok my idea of hens nights have come straight from what I have seen on television, its alcohol fueled and includes half naked men prancing around…doesn’t it? Well further investigation suggest, yes that is the case for some brides to be, though from my little experience I have discovered that not all brides want to go down that track and prefer something more sophisticated.

So for any of you who may also be planning their friends last night of freedom here are some sound ideas that our group has been discussing that could be good alternatives to the norm.

Classic high tea is always a nice way to start off a hens night, it allows your more mature guests and guests who cannot make the night festivities still feel part of it all. If you have a small group of guests, arranging a cooking lesson which can be a fun way to start your day and you could pair it with wine tasting or cocktails.

Another one of my friends has attended hens parties which involved dancing, pole dancing to be exact and burlesque, slightly risque though still maintaining the brides wishes.  If your guests are still hoping for some male entertainment we found that some catering companies offer male servers to ensure eye candy for all.

Do you have any hens party ideas? I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Till next time, Julie xo

by Julie Sharper



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