Hey Mr DJ

Bride Julie arranges the entertainment for the night.

by Julie Sharper

If haven’t already you may be in the process of researching music for your wedding and I imagine many will use a DJ on their special day. I’ve always dreamed of a big band playing at my wedding, though that’s because I watch too many American romantic comedies and my budget doesn’t have room for any of that.

So we went and started researching DJs in our area. We where looking for a DJ that played our kind of music and who gets the party going and keeps it going. Initially I found that DJs now not only offer photos, they offer photography and MC duties.

Now when I think of a package DJ at a wedding I think of a cheesy guy making old school jokes and playing old school music and some actually where like that, but look hard enough and you can find actual DJ people in the industry who delve into the wedding scene from time to time.

bride Julie: wedding dj

We were luckily enough to find one of those people, actually it wasn’t like they didn’t advertise; we just didn’t think they existed. Meeting our potential DJ was great it allowed us to not only talk about his past work, though it gave us a chance to discuss what he might do for our wedding music.

Our wedding is going to include a mixture of what we both really like to listen to,  a few standard wedding favourites and our DJ will gauge the crowd as the night goes on for more music inspiration.

So that’s our DJ story, I recommend asking lots of questions, and finding a DJ that will make your day the best it can be.

Till next time. Julie xo

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by Julie Sharper


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