Helen English Bejewelled Belts

A gorgeous hand-embellished metallic belt plays contrast to a sleek silk white dress

by The Knot

A sparkling belt is a perfect addition to this glamorous silk Helen English wedding gown. Cut close to the body with an assymetric neckline, this look evokes the spirit and glamour of Art Deco – a style that flourished during the1930’s but that continues to influence modern design.

Characterised by lavish ornamentation, it’s maximum glamour with vintage charm.

This heirloom quality belt is handmade using the highest quality crystals and adorned with sequins so it’s guaranteed to dazzle when it catches light. As precious as a piece of jewellery, it’s decorative and useful and will no doubt find a place in your wardrobe after your wedding day or be passed  down to future brides!

Does the Art Deco vintage vibe appeal to you?

by The Knot


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