Gorgeous Gifts For Your Bridesmaids

Give your bridesmaids (or yourself!) a beautifully beaded gift from Rites of Spring.

by Viva Vayspap

After a fruitful career as an award-winning journalist and author Nikki Goldstein felt she needed to reinvent herself: “I needed to do something with my heart and my hands, as well as my head, ” says Nikki.

Her new jewellery label, Rites of Spring, literally came to life when a walk on the beach resulted in an epiphany… she knew instantly she wanted to ‘bead’. And bead she did, Nikki has been busy creating necklaces and bracelets ever since.

Nikki’s business name, Rites of Spring, plays homage to Botticelli’s a painting “Primavera” which Nikki has loved since she was a child. For her this painting symbolizes rebirth, fecundity, wildness, creativity, mystical femininity, alchemy and transmutation.

All the pieces in the collection are named after Greek Goddesses, some of whom are represented in the painting. You can purchase these delightful handmade assorted pieces of  jewellery, or commission a one-off piece.

Not only are they a great gift idea for your bridesmaids, your purchase will also help a great cause. The workshop in Nepal where these are made is attached to the Maiti Nepal charitable refuge. Here women who are unfortunate survivors of trafficking and violence are given means of sustainable employment, helping them to rebuild their lives and their confidence.


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by Viva Vayspap


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