Fourth Of July Celebrity Weddings

Ashton Kutcher married Mila Kunis! Vanessa Williams and Billy Joel also got married (not to each other)!

by Wedding Club

Reports have surfaced that no less than 4 celebrities have tied the knot over the Independence Day weekend in the USA. Ashton Kutcher married Mila Kunis, 17 years after they first met on “That ’70s Show”; Vanessa Williams married long time beau Jim Skrip, and Billy Joel made it official with Alexis Roderick, a stockbroker who is pregnant with their first child. Congratulations to all! Scroll down to see picture of Vanessa Williams and Billy Joel on their big day. Wedding Club will, of course, bring you the Ashton and Mila photos as soon as they appear!

This is Williams’ third marriage, and Joel’s fourth.

CJQXNZaWoAAO5Af[1]Image above from @Aleksandra963/Twitter

vanessa-williams-1-600x800[1]Image above from @OfficialVanessaWilliams/Facebook

billyjoelImage above from @heykim/Twitter

by Wedding Club


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