“Eek, I’m Getting Married!” Best Ever Wedding Advice From Real Brides

What to do (and what not to do) from brides who've been there, done that.

by Rebecca Hanley

So you’ve got the dress, booked the most gorgeous venue and even sourced 120 of the most deletable macaroons in your city for your big day. Yep, you’re pretty much top contender for bride of the year. But, somehow, you’re still feeling a little nervy about your wedding. Guess what, this is pretty normal! But just to make sure you’ve got all the wedding planning tips you could ever need, we asked some of our gorgeous brides for their top tips on making their big day (and the lead-up) as amazing as possible. Oh, and we’re definitely noticing a bit of a theme emerging here – something along the lines of relax, and enjoy!

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“Don’t stress over the little things. They are so minute on the day, when all you really want is to marry your best friend!” Kirby, 23

“Delegate! Your bridesmaids love to be involved, even if it’s just research – it’s a huge job planning it on your own. But most importantly remember what your special day is all about. Don’t get too caught up in the minor details, as it’s truly about you and the love of your life finally saying ‘I do’.” Stephanie, 21

“Plan together and enjoy the process. Have a budget and stick to it. Do your research and make your mark on it. It’s about you and your husband celebrating a beautiful union. Have a moment during the day just you two, to appreciate all that’s gone on.” Laura

“Some things may not turn out how you planned but don’t let them ruin your day! It’s such a special day for you and your partner, so don’t sweat the small stuff.” Lisa, 29

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Image: Daniel Griffiths Photography

“Wedding advice can get overwhelming – choose one website (we chose theknot.com.au) as your go-to. Think ahead, write lists, plan for all types of weather… but most importantly, plan to ENJOY your day!” Marie, 25

“Don’t be afraid to delegate, because everyone wants to help and you’ll be a bundle of nerves on the day. If you’re going to do it yourself, have a wedding folder so you stay organised – and be open minded to other people’s suggestions. Otherwise, just have fun! On the day, be in the moment – make sure you continuously enjoy every moment to the full because it’ll be over in a flash.” Caroline, 34

“Make sure you have the final say with the planning and get the things you would like to have on your wedding day. There were a few times where I did not do that and they are the only things I would ever do differently. But hand the control over to someone else on the morning of your wedding. I had done up a schedule of the day’s events and provided it to my mum, Gary’s mum and my bridesmaids. This allowed me to relax and just cruse along with what was happening, which meant that I enjoyed the time getting ready and spending it with my bridesmaids rather than being stressed.” Kate, 27

“Have fun planning the wedding, and be sure to listen to each other. And love the journey you are both on to get to your special day.” Vanessa, 34

“If you plan on doing it yourself, start early, plan and purchase things well ahead of time, because the last month you are so focused on yourself with exercise and diet that you don’t need to the added stress of last-minute arrangements. Also take a deep breath and enjoy the day, remember you have done everything you need to, now it’s time to let the day take its course. NOTHING is worth getting upset over, problems are only noticeable to you, not your guests.” Paige, 27

“Have fun! Make your photos fun. I have heard so many brides say that by the time they were halfway through the day, their face hurt from having to smile and this made their smile look fake! I didn’t feel like that at all – I never had to force a smile on my face because we were having so much fun. The photos were great fun (superhero shirts especially) and the reception was even more fun.” Kate, 27

“Not everything will go to plan on the day but at the end of the day, you will feel like it was a perfect day anyway. So enjoy it!”
Amy, 32

What’s your wedding day advice, Knotties?

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by Rebecca Hanley


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