Dogs As Wedding Guests

It seems that man’s best friend is also a bride and grooms!

by Alexandra Thompson

For many, their pets are considered part of the family so it’s not surprising that a lot of couples insist on having their pets attend the wedding. If you’re having a simple at-home affair or a quaint outdoor wedding incorporating your furry friends into your day won’t be too hard, but if you are getting married in a church then high tailing straight to a swanky reception venue sneaking your pet into the day’s events may be a little more difficult.

Perhaps you can ask a helpful family member or friend to pick up your pet and bring it to you at the location you’re having a few snaps? Having your pet in your photos will not only complete your family portrait but will help you and your hubbie be a little more natural in the snaps.

Check out these seriously cute wedding guests…

Is your pet attending your wedding? Have you ever been to a wedding with pets around? Any horror stories? (Like the dog eating the wedding cake?!)

by Alexandra Thompson


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  1. We included our dog in our wedding – we are so glad since the photos and memories are great! We rented a massive house near Forster (NSW) in the mountains, where our dog (Luigi) and his friends where invited. Yes, three of his friends also came (Margot, Madame and Scrappy). It added a lot of character to our wedding. One the day they all arrived at the ceremony on a lead with matching bow ties that we bought from (www.dharf.com).The photos are splendid! Everyone told us how great of an idea it was. Oh and our fiends (owner of the dogs) were soooo happy with their pictures. Hope this will inspirer future brides X

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