DIY Wedding Ideas: Make Your Own Wedding Cake

Add a personal touch to your wedding day by baking your own wedding cake.

by The Knot

If you love baking and would like to personalise some elements of your big day, you could take a leaf out of Bride Elise’s book and make your own cake. Elise asked her mother and grandmother to create one tier each, along with the one the bride made to create a three-tiered DIY cake masterpiece.

Elise’s DIY cake idea inspired her sister-in-law, Hima, to start an online DIY cake service called WeddingCakeDIY.com. The site allows you to pick your own combination of size, shape and flavour or from one of its pre-designed packs.

Hima says that her cakes are not for first-time bakers. “Our packs are for brides who enjoy baking and already use their kitchen to bake lots of tasty treats. They need to be confident with using their own oven and have some experience baking and decorating cakes.” You don’t, however, need any formal training to produce your very own picture-perfect cake.

There are five tasty flavours to choose from; sweet caramel mudcake, nostalgic Neapolitan, exotic hummingbird, fluffy vanilla buttercake and delectable dark chocolate, along with four simple and classic designs; traditional fondant, pearl drop fondant, buttercream rosettes and buttercream frills.

Hima recommends allowing three to four days in total to master your cake. This includes the “time to buy ingredients, order tins and tools online, make a practice cake, bake the real cake and decorate it!”

Here’s an example of the recipe pages:

The big question is ‘what’s the price?’ A custom DIY pack is available for $24.99 from WeddingCakeDIY.com, it includes recipes for each tier with cooking times and temperatures, a step-by-step guide on how to decorate your cake, a complete shopping list for all the items you will need, a timeline of exactly when to buy, bake and decorate your cake plus a step-by-step guide to easily store and transport your cake. For a three-tiered cake you can expect it to cost around $250 (including ingredients and tins) which could save you a few hundred dollars off the cost of a store bought cake. If you’re the kind of bride who spends her weekends apron-clad and whipping up tasty treats, this could be just right for you.

For more information, contact Hima at WeddingCakeDIY.com

Would you consider making your own cake? Do you like baking?

by The Knot


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