Designed to Impress

Groom Simon and his lovely bride-to-be have ticked another task off their list: the invitations.

by Simon Prentice

The invitations have been sent! Hurrah!

In what turned out to be a much more painless process than anticipated, our invitations were designed in one weekend. My bride-to-be is a trained graphic designer and is great at what she does, but she also has a tendency to linger on the finer details inevitably leading to stressful times!

We decided to go for a fun, typographic based invitation. It has white text on a brown paper background with a bit of detail in the colour of the bridesmaid’s dresses. It reminds me a little of one of those old fashioned advertisements for a carnival. Fortunately this has no mention of a bearded lady or an elephant man.

After a few internet searches, we managed to cobble together the exact wording that we wanted. We were looking for something informal while still retaining an element of class. This was easier said than done and resulted in several drafts before the final wording was set.

We had already settled on our guest list and decided to walk on the wild side by inviting an extra 10 guests on top of our venue limit of 100. We made a spread sheet filled with predictions for responses and worked out that we would have sufficient naysayers to invite most of the people who we wanted to have there. We will just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope that our predictions were correct.

Random observation: Why is it that the first people to respond to wedding invitations are the ones which are last on your list?

We have already had responses from over half of our guest list and nearly all of them have commented on what a fantastic job my bride-to-be did in designing the invitations. It also looks likely that we will come in under capacity for the venue which is a huge relief too!

53 days to go!! Exciting times ahead.

Have you started designing your invitations? How are you finding the invitation process?

by Simon Prentice


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