Coming to Terms With Wedding Woes

Lucy considers the chances of everything not going perfectly on the big day, and asks, are there things best left to chance?

by Lucy Kippist

Ok, now we’re getting serious. How likely is it that something will go wrong at this wedding? Because even if you just glanced over news websites this past week, you would have seen that weddings have appeared all over the place in the press. And the stories haven’t been all that great.

First there was the Chelsea Clinton wedding – a privacy nightmare; then the woman who found her husband was leading a double life on Facebook and then this week, a Turkish groom accidentally shot his father in law dead “in celebration”. Who would even think to take a gun to a wedding?

And it’s making me wonder about all the little things that could possibly go wrong on the day that we haven’t even thought of. For example, the wedding is supposed to be outside, what if it rains? I’m doing hair and make-up, so what if I stuff it up?

I know the bride is relaxed, but should we be? Are we right to just let things be?

A journalist over in the United Kingdom has given this some though too – he’s collected wedding horror stories and put them together in one article. You can find that here if you want to read it. But only if you’re the bridesmaid, there is absolutely no point showing this to the bride. She will freak out.

I’ve also recently been given a book by a friend of mine that’s all about how to have a wedding without tying yourself in knots.  According to the author, we are absolutely right to try and be relaxed as possible – but you get as far as chapter one in the book and she starts talking about taking the bridesmaid dress to the dry-cleaner the week before the wedding to avoid any “nasty” surprises on the wedding day. I’d be lying if I said my heart didn’t skip a beat when I read that.

I guess what I’m trying to ask, at the end of the day, what parts of the wedding are most important to get right and worry about and what things are best left to chance?

Incidentally, I did find some good news in all the bad stuff. This piece in the Mirror (also UK paper) celebrates 100 years of weddings and it’s worth a read too.

by Lucy Kippist


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