A Classic Wedding Day Schedule

Want to actually get to the church on time? A well planned wedding day schedule can be the deal breaker, so here's the perfect starting point.

by Alicia Richardson

A cleverly constructed wedding day schedule (AKA a runsheet) will ensure all goes as smoothly as possible on your big day. For while your forward planning won’t be able to clear traffic jams for you, it can insure you against most minor hiccups leaving you smiling and stress free. To get you started we have drafted a classic wedding day schedule to give you a solid starting point. *

09:00 | Beauty Time Begins

How long hair and makeup will take depends on how many bridesmaids you have in your party and the hairstyles you have chosen. Consider these important factors before you agree to include any other family members who have requested that they join you for their own quick ‘tidy up’. Additionally, it’s wise to allow an extra 15 minutes for each person in the bridal party on top of what your hair and makeup artist estimates.

010:00 | Photographer & Videographer Arrive

Preparation shots are best taken when the beauty process has already begun – hair in rollers is cute, shampoo shots are generally not.

011:00 | Grooming Time

If you have a second photographer they should be present for preparation images for the groom & groomsmen, plus some relaxed portraits (with groomsmen & family who are present). If not both the main photographer and videographer can be scheduled to shoot the ‘man prep’ footage.

12:00 | Baby You Can Drive My Car

If the bridal party is not already at their dressing location (e.g. hotel suite or family home) the group to travel to this venue.

12:30 | Don’t Forget to Munch

Lunch served & bouquets arrive at the bride’s location.

13:00 | Gowns On

Videographer & photographer to join the bridal party again at this point for the bride’s dressing shots. If your gown has a corset allow an addition twenty minutes to be laced into your dress.

13:30 | Bridal Portrait Shots

Portrait time for the bride and her bridesmaids, plus any other important family who are present (e.g. parents and siblings).

14:15 | Start Your Engine

Calm your butterflies; it’s time to head to the ceremony location. While the wonderful thing about travelling in wedding cars is that most other drivers on the road, upon seeing the white ribbons adorning your vehicle, will show their respect and let you glide on by, we still suggest you be kind to your nerves and allow for unexpected traffic delays in your timeline!

15:00 | Ceremony Begins

All eyes will be on the bride! For different ceremony programmes head to our Ceremony Rituals & Resources section

15:30 | You May Kiss the Bride

Congratulations, may the fun begin! Allow a short amount of time to quickly say hello to all your guests, but ensure you don’t get too caught up as you’ll run short of time to shoot your location wedding portraits.

15:45 | Location, Location, Location

Head off to the locations you have chosen in advance, with your bridal party in tow, to get capture your first couple of hours as husband and wife.

16:00 | Cocktail Hour

Guests arrive at the reception venue for cocktails and aperitifs.

16:45 | Composure Time

If all elements allow, stop by at your hotel room for a quick touch-up, glass of bubbles (or H20) and a moment to breathe.

17:00 | The Grand Entrance

Let the party begin! Head to our Traditional Reception Timeline to schedule in when to dance cheek to cheek, laugh and cry at the speeches, cut your sweet cake, throw your bouquet and kick up your heels. We told you it would be a busy day!

*Note this run sheet is devised for a bridal party of three bridesmaids & three groomsmen plus with all pre-ceremony, ceremony, photography and reception venues being within close proximity to each other. You will need to make adjustments according to your bridal party numbers and various travel times.

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by Alicia Richardson



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