Christmas Proposal Arrives Early: Flash Mob Style

Who knew that one of Santa’s little helpers was such a romantic?

by Alicia Richardson

The excitement that is generated by a flash mob is hard to ignore. So when Johnny Murdoch was given the opportunity to organise a fun flash mob performance for Christmas shoppers, he knew it was also the ultimate opportunity to pop the question with plenty pizzazz to his girlfriend, Natessa Renee Bybee.

Luckily his video company was in charge of organising the Salt Lake City event so with the help of two others, who were sworn to secrecy, the stage was set. The dance itself was choreographed to Mariah Carey’s song “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, and Natessa was enlisted to participate in the role of dance instructor.

Half way through the performance Johnny arrived, dressed head to toe as an elf, accompanying a jolly Santa Claus. Johnny raced over to Natessa, dropped to his knee, and asked her to marry him. Although initially shocked, she enthusiastically said yes. The pair then rejoined the other dancers and, amid the crowd’s cheers, finished the performance.

“Her reaction was priceless. She had absolutely zero idea,” Johnny told the Huffington Post. “Then she said it was hard for her to stay in step for the rest of the dance.”

Wishing to-be-weds Natessa, Johnny and all our lovely Knotties a wonderful Christmas!

by Alicia Richardson


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