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Simon fills us in on his reception location and venue.

by Simon Prentice

Now that you know a little about me and how I got to this point, I thought I had better give you a background on where we are up to in the planning process.

I am one of the few fortunate grooms whose bride hasn’t been planning her wedding since she was in the womb. She is very sensible about the whole process and always chooses what is right for us at this point in our lives and not what her five year old self would have chosen. I count myself lucky every day!

First of all we had to make a decision – Australia or New Zealand? We inspected a few venues around Brisbane and quickly decided that it would be more convenient for the majority of guests to have it in New Zealand. The fact that we benefit from a 25% discount thanks to the weak kiwi dollar certainly had nothing to do with it!

During condensed trips back to Christchurch, we have had to make decisions quickly and on gut feeling. So far this has worked well for us. We have secured our venue, caterer and celebrant. My bride has her dress, I have a suit and we have the bridesmaids and flower girls clothed (more on these subjects later). Currently my groomsmen are naked, but that is one of our next priorities!

Our venue only took two days to find. We walked into the venue and knew straight away that it was perfect. I advise you to really go on that gut feeling with this. You’ll know when it’s right. Our venue is a nice little vineyard with a wonderful Mediterranean courtyard and a barn!

Diary of a Groom: Venue

One of the best things that could have happened to us was that our venue only had three caterers who are allowed to work there, so this narrowed the field considerably. We had heard great reviews about one of them, they seemed reasonable and we liked their sample menu, so we picked them. Done!

If this all sounds too easy, it hasn’t been. There have been stressful moments, tears and tantrums. But through it all, we have kept a flexible and fun approach which has allowed us to not get hung up on the small stuff and end up divorcing before marriage!

Is this the wrong attitude to take to wedding planning?

> Find a great reception venue in your area.

by Simon Prentice


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