Can You Have Your Cake and Eat it Too?

With the price of traditional wedding cake beyond his budget, groom Simon devises a creative alternative.

by Simon Prentice

The modern wedding cake has its origins in many places. The earliest records of it are from Roman times when a groom would break a loaf of bread above his bride’s head to symbolise the breaking of her virginity as well as his future dominance over her. Let’s face it; if I was to announce this at our wedding it would have two effects on people. Firstly, laughter at the idea of us “breaking bread” – after nine years together we’re not kidding anyone, not even her Grandma. The dominance concept would go down like a sack of potatoes. Traditions have changed significantly since Roman times and so has the wedding cake. None of this however, explains why I am now looking at quote for a $500 wedding cake. Crazy huh – bread would be cheaper!

We decided to kill two birds with one stone and avoid double dessert by having our cake as our dessert. But we didn’t realise that by doing this, we would need a cutting cake as well as a “slab cake” to be cut up in the kitchen and served. And so the price rose. Now, I don’t want to come across as being stingy, but how many times do you get to the cake part, and you really don’t have the room for it but you take some anyway? There is always so much wastage, so you’re basically throwing money away. That, I don’t like.

It was then that my bride-to-be discovered Sugar Baby Cakery and their amazing cake jars – we both fell in love with them. Basically, every guest receives an individual cake in a jar with buttercream frosting all neat and nicely presented.

Mason Jar Cake

On her last trip back to Christchurch, my bride-to-be managed to fit in a tasting of the cake jars. This was an experience in itself. Faced with a tasting plate of seven different cakes and various buttercream options and coulis, she demolished the lot and our cake dramas were sorted… or so we thought.

There is no way to cut a cake jar without rendering said cake inedible to anyone (except perhaps one of those guys who eats light bulbs). So what do we do? We have had Sugar Baby Cakery price up a cutting cake for us (a delicious orange cake with vanilla and cinnamon buttercream… perfect for breakfast the next day), and then we thought, do we need to cut a “cake”? Could we use wheels of cheese instead? You can never have enough cheese, and then we could serve them with dessert on our big day too!

Farmgate Cheese Tower

photo by:  Sayher Heffernan ; cheese wedding cake by Farmgate Cheese (farmgatecheese.com.au)

The good part of this dilemma is that either way, the answer is delicious!

What cake alternatives have you seen? Good ones, bad ones – I’d love to hear them all!

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by Simon Prentice


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