Best Wedding Dates for 2013

Leading international astrologer Jessica Adams shares dates that are ideal for marriage in 2013, according to the stars.

by Jessica Adams

Let your star sign guide you to choosing the perfect date for your 2013 wedding.


18 August The speeches resurrect or revive something special and the win-win romance factor is so high.
23 August Juno, the domestic goddess herself, assists you so much and brings home comforts and security.
27 August Venus, goddess of partnership, in your house of marriage also brings a wise female friend or relative to the service.


6 February It’s karma, it’s going to outlast both of you and it’s (perhaps) symbolised by a butterfly on the day.
30 July Venus on your side is great for pregnancy, step-parenting or happy page boys or flower girls.
18 September Cosmic configurations bring two past lives together – wow! – you two have karma to match.


February 5 The asteroid Cupid fires arrows your way while radical friends party on and up the excitement.
October 8 This is the rainbow after a storm and soulful partnership which will live on longer after you two!
October 17 Venus brings the remarkable romance factor and your mad friends (or his) provide the thrills.


6 February The baby to come, the stepchild, flower girls, pageboys or godchildren make this so epic for you.
18 September Heavy, fated and definitely happening – this is about the stepchildren, baby to come or attendants.
December 23 Cupid helping Venus sounds romantic and it is, also helping you two overcome any complications.


February 5 The most exciting honeymoon destination combines with giddy falling-in-love-again highs.
February 8 A new social life, fantastic friends around you and a win-win agreement on the big day.
April 15 If you’re going to do the domestic goddess thing, then this is the time, with a thrilling holiday.


November 16 Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn creates sacred sex and makes you see how powerful this is.
October 26 Bacchus (pure pleasure) and powerful Pluto in your house of children (and intimacy) take you higher.
December 23 Future babies, current stepchildren, godchildren or young relatives make this an amazing day.


February 8 Venus, your ruling planet, puts children (present or future) happily in the picture for you.
February 15 Love will be revived or even resurrected in the most revolutionary way around this date.
April 15 Juno the asteroid of mums and domestic goddesses helps you build such a unique marriage.


April 20 This union is healing and a remedy of a kind. There is a sense of balance, symmetry and harmony.
April 24 Your powerful ruler Pluto makes for an incredible speech and the win-win factor for you two is big.
July 20 You can marry under an umbrella of protection now and the communication could be powerful.


February 15 Uranus, the planet of freedom, joins the most powerful asteroid of fresh beginnings on a lucky day.
April 2 The wow factor is very high near this date and a special man or woman will lead the way on the day.
May 10 Freedom, and independent women at the service, help think big, love to win the day.


April 24 Your epic bridal look makes you so powerful – and children (present or planned) bring smiles.
September 27 Guests who bring everyone together, so powerfully, and the blessing of lucky Jupiter in Cancer rule!
21 October Fortuna and Jupiter in Cancer are so fated, so lucky, so crazy. The wheel of fortune spins around.


February 15 The speech or video could be amazing (even revolutionary) but the erotic adventures are greater!
April 2 Apollo, the asteroid of special people and situations joins lucky Jupiter in your house of erotic bliss.
8 July Venus in Leo creates the ‘Grrr’ factor between you two and the vows or video will be remarkable.


30 July Venus the planet of partnership in your marriage zone rocks – as do your so-powerful friends.
21 October The pages, flower girls, baby to come (or godchildren) make this so fruitful, so fabulous for you.
7 November Apollo and Jupiter bring very special guests, and a sense of amazing timing with babies, children.

by Jessica Adams


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