An Engagement Ring For Shamelessly Romantic Brides

A simple ring set with the most romantic of all shaped diamonds!

by Viva Vayspap

Using the finest precious metals, rare diamonds and quality gemstones, Temelli creates jewelery that is destined to be cherished forever!

Professional staff at this Melbourne boutiques provide invaluable information and advice that will ensure your chosen piece is practical, beautiful and ideally shaped to complement your hand.

Over the years, Temelli Jewellery has achieved numerous awards for customer service as well as their jewellery design. In fact, The Australian Bridal Industry Academy has awarded Temelli the ”best jeweler in Victoria” for six consecutive years!

With newlyweds as the voters, Temelli has been accoladed for their passion, professionalism and ability to design and deliver a bride’s dream.

Like this 18ct white gold “Eternity” 1.01ct diamond engagement ring that salutes passion and romance – the heart shape being an inimitable symbol of love!

Retails for $16,200



What shape is your diamond?

by Viva Vayspap


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