An Eco-Friendly Farm Wedding

Karrie and Michael planned an outdoor, eco-friendly wedding on a local farm in just eight months.

Karrie and Michael planned an outdoor, eco-friendly wedding on a local farm in just eight months. Here’s their wedding story:

Karrie & Michael: An Eco-Friendly Wedding in Ahsland, OH

At first, Karrie and Michael’s relationship was strictly business — he rented an apartment from her in Cleveland. A friendship began, and the two realised they had feelings for each other (although Michael says he had a crush on Karrie from day one!).

The bride: Karrie Ploss, account executive for The Knot
The groom: Michael Nowak, executive chef
The date: 11 July

A year-and-a-half later, the couple was relaxing with a glass of wine when Michael started reminiscing about their relationship. Karrie thought it was strange he was recapping the whole thing — until Michael popped the question and everything made sense. Elated, Karrie quickly accepted, and the two spent the next eight months planning their wedding day.

Wildflower Wedding Bouquet

Bright orange lilies and a variety of wildflowers and herbs — including lavender and rosemary — gave the bouquet an organic look.

Pastel Wedding Invitations

Karrie designed the wedding to have a fresh feel. The colour palette and tandem bike motif was repeated throughout the ceremony and reception.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Karrie and Michael said their vows at the base of a tree that’s more than 100 years old. During the ceremony, Michael excitedly kissed Karrie three times before the celebrant told him to.

Hanging Ceremony Décor

Using jars they found in a shed on the farm, Karrie and Michael created hanging Mason jar-baskets, which they filled with wildflowers and hung on shepherd hooks along the aisle.

Pink and Green Programs

Using the same colour scheme and typography as the invitations, the programs explained all of the local and eco-friendly elements of the wedding.

Eco-Friendly Centrepieces

For an environmentally conscious twist, Karrie and Michael repurposed the hanging baskets of wildflowers that decorated their ceremony space as centrepieces at the reception. They also set out small potted plants that they invited guest to take home and replant.

Green and Orange Cake

Though guests were served a chocolate cake with raspberry preserves, the couple set out this display cake covered in green and orange fondant and a tiny tandem bicycle. (The cake had one real slice so Karrie and Michael could do their cutting!) There was also a dessert display with cookies, brownies, and mini cupcakes.

Popcorn Wedding Bomboniere

Guests received small cellophane bags of caramel and cheddar popcorn — purchased at the historic West Side Market in Cleveland.

Photos: C Studios

by Chelsea Tromans



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