Amazing Bridesmaid’s Dress Collection: Twobirds

Fifteen options for how to wear each dress? Your bridesmaids will love you.

by Rebecca Hanley

Happily for most gals who are called upon to act as a bridesmaid, gone are the days where the bridesmaids must be as matchy-matchy as possible. In 2015 it’s all about customised, individual looks for the bridal party. Which equals keeping all of your girls happy – and ensuring there are no maid-zilla tantrums on the big day.

That’s one of the reasons we love the bridesmaid offerings by amazing label Twobirds – their famed wrap dress can be customised into over 15 (yep 15!) different styles. Lady Gaga is a fan to Twobirds, and Alyssa Milano’s bridesmaids wore their gowns on her wedding day! The new collection adds a romantic layer of tulle to the clever jersey dress. Keep scrolling to check out this amazing label’s latest campaign – and the seriously gorgeous gowns.


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Which of these bridesmaid’s dresses is your fave, Wedding Clubbers?

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by Rebecca Hanley


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