A Standard Boutonniere or Something Different?

Have you thought about adding a golf tee to your grooms tux? Bride Abby finds new ways to personalise a boutonniere for her groom.

by The Knot

It is traditional for the groom and groomsmen to wear a boutonniere or buttonhole; a single flower on their lapel that usually matches the bridesmaid’s bouquets. However, nowadays there are so many alternatives to the single white rose of the past. It can be a chance for the groom to input some of his own style and personality if he so chooses.

Think about the colours of your wedding first and foremost. For a green and blue themed wedding I have seen lots of peacock feathers which look amazing against a classic black suit. I think a small pinecone or paper snowflake would be great for a winter themed wedding; the possibilities are really endless.

The best I’ve seen however are the really unique boutonnieres that are made to fit the personality or special interests of the groom and his groomsmen. If your man is into his comic book characters you could buy small figurines of Batman, Superman or The Avengers and each groomsman could choose his favourite superhero – so cute!

Superman boutonniere by NewZLynn

Does your man play a particular sport or play a musical instrument? These make great themes for boutonnieres and you can scour your local craft store to find most of the elements then just hot glue it onto a pin.

If you aren’t into anything too quirky, there is the handkerchief also. And these are easy to make to match the ties or do a contrasting pattern or colour to stand out.

There are so many alternatives to the traditional rose buttonhole, what are some that you have seen?
















photo by: JPP Studios







by The Knot


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