A Conversation With Marissa Gouras From Georgini Jewellery

A family run business offering affordable jewellery to stylish women of all ages.

by Viva Vayspap

Q. How did you discover your interest in jewellery design and how did you get a start?

As a little girl I was always fascinated by the sparkle and beauty of jewellery. As I grew older this interest became an obsession and I decided to pursue it further by becoming involved in its design and production. Georgini keeps going from strength to strength and now we have a team of designers I work alongside.

Q. What made you want to launch a bridal collection? And how would you describe the style of the bridal collection?
I felt that there was a gap in the market for bridal Jewellery. A place where you can buy a quality product that will last even after your big day. Georgini bridal is very classical and timeless and has something for your whole bridal party.

Q. Is there a celebrity or famous bride who’s style you were inspired by?
I actually tore out a picture of Michael Clarke and Kyly Boldy’s wedding from a magazine. Kyly just looked amazing !! Also even though it was a short-lived wedding – Kim Kardashian looked beautiful as well.

Q. The Georgini brand is famous for its use of eclectic black and white jewels, floral designs and turquoise embellishments. Are there specific stones or materials you reserve exclusively for your bridal collection?

We use high grade simulated diamonds for all our Georgini jeweller – the bridal range consists of pearls as well as created gems.

Q. The Georgini pendant collection has a variety of lucky charms: owls, horseshoes, snakes and “Vaskania” the evil eyes. Are you superstitious? 

My cultural background has a long history of superstitious beliefs – for example the evil eye symbolises protection against negative energies. I am currently going through an obsession with evil eyes and wear the pendant every day. I even have a ‘wall evil eye’ in my office. Good luck charms have always been around in the jewellery/fashion industry and they always make a comeback. I wouldn’t say I am superstitious – I just love the aesthetics of ancient symbols.

Q. What’s your most treasured piece of jewellery in your personal collection?

I go through phases every time we launch a new collection – I always have a favourite each launch but I would have to say the one that I always seem to wear is the 4 stacker eternity ring.

Q. Are there plans for more freestanding Georgini stores aside from the flagship store in Westfield, Sydney?

We recently opened the doors to our second store in Westfield Parramatta prior to Christmas. We honestly go with the flow and don’t currently have any future plans for more stores … but you never know what the future holds.

 What pieces of jewellery are you wearing on your wedding day?

by Viva Vayspap


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