A Handsome Suit for My Handsome Groom

Bride Abby goes suit shopping with her groom.

by Abby Phillips

Bride Abby - Groomswear: white berry boutonniere

photo by: Caroline Ghetes Photography

Last weekend my handsome fiancé and I went suit shopping and it was a great success. He had gone out the weekend before with one of his groomsmen and found a few that they both liked, but he really wanted my opinion. The big decision was what would look best with the blue of the bridesmaid’s dresses and groomsmen’s bow ties. So before we went to the shops we went to Spotlight to get a sample of fabric to take with us. If you also do this make sure you get a sample large enough to tie into a bow tie or tie shape to get the full effect of the colour with the suits.

We went to have a look at his favourite suit first which was at Roger David; it was a choice between a dark charcoal and a light grey suit. After showing me the suit we were greeted by a lovely shop assistant who explained to us the difference between a wool blend and a polyester suit. With a polyester the fabric does not breath very well, which in Perth is not ideal, also the suits are not slim fit and you can’t mix and match jacket and pant sizes. The wool blend suits breathe very well, you can get a slimmer fit (which is more modern) and you can mix and match the sizes of the jacket and pants to make sure the groom looks his best.

I held up the blue fabric to the dark charcoal and the light grey; it was very obvious which looked better – the dark charcoal. So, of course I had to see my handsome man in this great looking suit. We had also bought his black shoes so he borrowed a white shirt and took off to the changing rooms. The ladies helped me fashion a make shift bow tie out of the sample fabric.

Bride Abby - Groomswear: Groomsmens attire

photo by: Hudson Photography, Fayetteville, AR

My fiancé tried the suit on and it looked fantastic! We decided to add a high buttoned waistcoat for his suit and the groomsmen will just have the shirt and jacket so the groom stands out on his special day.

Bride Abby - Groomswear: white boutonniere

photo by: Tyra Bleek Photography

All our groomsmen are in different cities; the ones in Australia will be able to go into their local Roger David store and try on the suits to get the best fit from the standard sizes. The shop assistant then told us that once the groomsmen are all here in Perth they will be able to alter the suits in store in one day! Now, not every Roger David does the alterations as a one day service so make sure you ask.

Bride Abby - Groomswear: Craspedia & Berry boutonniere

photo by: rad photographer

Just today I did talk to a Groom who is getting married this weekend who did not have a good experience with Roger David, so just to be safe I am going to get everything in writing and I am going to make sure I follow up regularly with them.  They also have specials quite often so if you can time it right you can get a great suit for a great price.

Are you buying or hiring the suits for your wedding? Do you have any tips or tricks to share?


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by Abby Phillips


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