A Hairy Wedding Thanks to Movember?

If your wedding is scheduled in the next 30 days it might be wise to check on Movember commitments of the bridal party.

by Alicia Richardson

Movember starts today & while most Knottie brides would be in the loop (and hopefully have agreed in advance) that their fiancé supports this wonderful cause by growing his ‘mo’ it might also be wise to check in with the rest of the bridal party so as not to get a hairy shock on the day.

For while the funds raised for this clever moustache growing charity, which began in Australia and has now been embraced around the world, go to the most worthy causes – Beyond Blue and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia – a best man or groomsman with a huge and busy mo may just dominate your wedding photos and video. And not necessarily in the best way, for not all mo-faced men look like Zac Efron (pictured) or Brad Pitt!

The ethical dilemma is what to do if your wedding in is to be held in November and one of the groomsmen will have much more hair than usual thanks to Movember. One option, if it suits the wedding theme, is to have the entire bridal party (and the groom) join in and therefore have some fun with it. If that’s not really the style perhaps you could request a ‘special circumstances’ early shave and make an extra contribution to the groomsman in question’s fund raising as a thank you, we are sure that his other supporters will understand.

No matter what remember to keep a sense of humour about the situation – after all the groomsman in question is doing something highly commendable and if it all gets too tricky you can just photoshop the moustaches out!

by Alicia Richardson


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