A Bridesmaid Who Prefers to Shop…Alone!

Earlier Lucy wrote about how the wedding was impacting the bride, but now shares that the journey has helped her to learn more about herself too.

by Lucy Kippist

Back in April, not long after our the incredible feat that was snaring the bride’s dress in just under four hours I marvelled at how this whole wedding caper was starting to change my friend, the bride.

To quote myself:

“Wow. I never really understood it before, but how much are weddings a completely new way of looking at the world? It’s kind of funny how the tiny details about them can bring a change in the people that you love.”

But what I didn’t realise back then was that almost six months later and on the big countdown, just how much this experience of being bridesmaid has changed me.

Maybe “changed” is the wrong word; it would be more true to say that the past six months have rewarded me with a sense of self awareness in areas that I had not considered before. And I thought this would make an interesting post for people in the future, who take on the role as bridesmaid for the first time: it will change the way you think about yourself.

Here are three things I’ve discovered (not all to my liking either)

1. I’m quite disorganised and I tend to put things off

Wow. Yes. This is true. And it also explains my comfort in waxing lyrical about the bride being “relaxed” and wanting everything to be “low key” and “natural”. This suited the way I like to plan things; consider them for awhile, toss them over in your head and then panic at the last minute.

As I realise now, this might work well for deadlines at work (sometimes not) and figuring out what to make for a dinner party or wear to a party, but when it comes to a wedding, even if it is not “yours” when you say you’ll go away and “think” about something, you should get on top of that right away.

2. I love shopping…alone

Last week the bride and I met up to whip around the shops, grabbing odds and ends for her hair and make-up, and other things like a  pashmina type scarf for if it gets cold, those breast holder things for her dress, nail polish, spare pair of shoes for the dancing (she’s still going barefoot down the aisle).

It was a success, we got everything she needed plus some extras but I found myself racing her through the departments so we could get it all ticked off the list (or maybe it was the promise of a glass of wine afterwards :) )

Contrast this with my experience before we met up. I spent an hour on my own looking for her bridal jewellery. I knew that she wanted to buy some for herself, but I thought it would be a nice gesture if I did it for her and I’ve always planned to buy her a fairly personal gift. I found myself really agonising about this purchase and became one of those super annoying, ask lots of questions kind of customers before eventually (three stores later) making my final choice.  (Oooh and she loved it by the way)

3. Weddings are lovely

We’ve still got about two weeks to go but I have to say my experience of the past six months has shown me what a wonderful occasion this really is. Maybe I’ve been lucky because the bride and groom are the dearest and oldest of friends; maybe it’s because I love them both to death; maybe it’s because I’ve been “in” on the whole thing from before she proposed to him over a year ago (did I ever mention that before). But mostly, I think it’s shown me that there is nothing better to celebrate in the whole world (except maybe a new baby) but love between two people who care so much about each other. I’m so excited!

by Lucy Kippist


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