5 Eco-Friendly Wedding Day Ideas

Carry your eco-friendly lifestyle over to your wedding.

Weddings can be expensive we all know that. But there are so many ways a couple can save, and a great way to start is by remaining conscious of how you can plan an eco-friendly wedding day. So let’s take a look at some of our environmentally-friendly tips below. We’re  giving them a big, green-thumbs up!

1. Reduce & Reuse
The key to an eco-friendly wedding that’s still style-conscious is to simplify. Reusing accents or materials doesn’t just save money, it saves resources. Work with what you’ve got nearby and use food that is in season. We promise you’ll  feel good about your efforts.

10154453_535210263256976_7252008188637652712_nImage: Audrey and Angus

2. Choose A Location With Significance
Look for a space that will benefit from your event, like a museum, a cultural organisation, or an art gallery. Ask how the site will use your fee (hopefully toward new programs and upkeep of the institution). There’s no need to go overboard on the decor or table settings either. A few flowers along your tables is more than enough. Want an outdoor ceremony? Opt for a botanical garden or the grounds of a historic home — it’s likely you can even find one run by a non-profit organisation.

10325322_543100062467996_1757574195229051030_nImage: Audrey and Angus

3. Recycle Your Decor
Decorate your wedding ceremony space with items you can reuse at the reception, whether it’s garlands that go from the altar to the entryway or arrangements that decorate the program table and dress up your guest book area. You’ll save money and waste less. When the evening is over, plan to donate the pieces to a nursing home or hospital. Call ahead to see if you can arrange a pickup from your site.

Blushing Hills Garden RosesPhotography: Harper Point Photography

4. Give Your Guests Bomboniere that will grow
A great and modern option for your bomboniere are potted plants and herbs. Not only will they be fun and super economical to make with your family or your bridesmaids, but guests will love them too! Buy your jars in bulk from an online seller like Etsy, or shop around for a good deal in your home town. Buy potting mix and plant your favourite herbs and plants and say thanks in a way that will last.

1512457_532705796840756_2090190491644561443_n Image: Audrey and Angus 

5. Light Soy Candles
Candlelight isn’t only romantic, it’s energy efficient too. Look for soy candles — they’re made from a renewable resource, are cleaner and longer burning than regular candles, plus spills are easy to clean (just use soap and hot water). They’re available in nearly every size, shape, colour, and scent you can imagine.

Screen shot 2014-06-30 at 9.33.57 AMImage: Cakes, Covers & Candlesticks

Tell us Knotties, can you think of any other ways you can make your reception eco-friendly? How are you being environmentally conscious when planning your day? 

by Yadira Galarza



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