5 Ways To Get Creative With Fabric

Fun ways to use fabrics at your wedding.

by Alexandra Thompson

Found an inspiring fabric you want to feature at your wedding? Here are some clever ways to incorporate stylish textiles into your reception.

Outdoor Lounge Decor

This bride cleverly used some of the fabrics that inspired her wedding colour combo around the outdoor area at the reception.


Feature Table Cloths


A gorgeous green and white fabric adorned tables at this reception to give the venue a unique touch.


Patterned Ties


Why not get your grooms in on the theme? Patterned ties can add some personality to any suit.


Fabric Escort Cards


Hanging fabric yacht flags in various patterns, each corresponding to a table, served as escort cards.


Fabric Flower Bouquet


This DIY-loving bride made her unique bouquet out of felt!


Are you having a printed fabric feature at your wedding?

by Alexandra Thompson


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