5 Things Most Brides Forget (But You Won’t)

Don't get caught without ticking these five super important deets off your to-do list!

by Rebecca Hanley

Planning a wedding equals roughly, oh, 26,543 things to remember. But what if you forget one of them? Well, to help ensure those last teeny details don’t slip off your to-do list (only to be remembered the day of!), we’ve called in expert wedding planner Annastasia Grande from Grande Moments Weddings & Events to spill the top five things brides are prone to forget when planning their big day. Read on for her clever tips (and keep your to-do list handy!).


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1) Bonboniere distribution

“Depending on what type of gift you’re giving your guests, you will need to consult with the venue to find out if they are placing the bonbonieres on the table for you. If not, plan for someone to help with this.

If the venue are distributing the gifts, then if you’re giving every single person the same gift it will be easy, however if you’re giving a gift per couple and/or a different gift for children, then the venue will need to have a detailed list. All the details of which guests get which gift will need to be on your table guest list. It’s a good idea to set this out on a spreadsheet with table number, guest name and if they’re an adult, part of a couple (if so, name partner) or child.”

2) Meals for the DJ and photographer

OK, this might not be top of your priorities (sorry, Mr DJ!), but you definitely don’t want to forget about feeding your lovely suppliers on the night. “Venues will offer a single charge for a meal and drinks package for your DJ and photographer (in the case your photographer/ videographer stay during the reception). You do not have to pay the $100 per head for them, as you should be able to just purchase a single meal and drinks deal from the venue. Make sure you enquire about this when booking.

Also, usually your venue will set up a little table on the outskirts of the room for your suppliers to eat their meal. This is something else you may need to consider when thinking about the size of your reception room.”


Image: Lucy Leonardi Photography

3) Organising table centrepieces 

“Something that brides often don’t realise is that usually wedding venues will have their preferred stylist – either in-house, or an event stylist they are contracted to use. In this case, usually the venue’s stylist will have a standard set of centrepieces for the guest tables (and a separate set for the bridal table) for you to choose from. However, while those centrepieces are all part of the package, you don’t always have to choose from their offering. You may ask that you use your own stylist/decorator.

If you do choose to use a centrepiece other than what the venue offers, always ask the value of the provided centrepiece and then ask for the venue to discount this price from the package price (either per head or a one-off price per table). Just remember that the bride and groom always have a choice, you just have to ask the venue and the majority of the time they will be accommodating.

If you do use your own decorator for centrepieces, you may also need to check the venue’s requirements, as they may have a rule that the centrepieces must be packed down at the end of the night. It may be possible that they can be set aside for the night and collected the next morning, however most venues will have very strict rules about these types of arrangements, so be sure to talk to your wedding coordinator at the venue in advance.”

4) Wet weather plans

“Don’t leave these ’til the last minute! If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, there are so many things to consider before the big day. First up, you must have a back-up venue prepared in the case there is a wet weather forecast. Sometimes the reception venue itself can prepare a room for you (however check pricing for this as there may be a charge involved).

Once you have this sorted, you will need to decide on your cut-off time for deciding to use your back-up ceremony venue. If the weather turns at the last minute, you’ll need to have someone allocated to be in charge of alerting all your guests (or include this detail in the invitation, and at the last minute send out a blanket text to everyone confirming it will be held at the wet-weather option).

If it rains, your photographs may no longer be outdoors, so you’ll need to arrange for a back-up venue to take photos. It’s a good idea to let your photographer know about this during your consultation as well. Depending where your wet weather photo venue is, there may be a charge. If you’re using a hotel lobby you may have to pre-book, as you may not be the only wedding party planning to use this as a back-up for photos.

If rain is likely, it’s also a good idea to ensure you have large golf umbrellas at the ready.”


Image: Lucy Leonardi Photography

5) Remember to enjoy every beautiful moment

“One last thing that the bride and groom can sometimes forget to do is to savour every minute of their wedding day. You may be worried about all the organising and arrangements for everything to go smoothly on the day, but you need to trust that everyone involved in the preparation of your wedding day is going to do exactly as you have asked. This will mean you can just relax and enjoy the journey.

Take pleasure in being pampered and getting your hair and make-up done, enjoy the photos with your beautiful family and friends and look forward to becoming Mr and Mrs. Take in every minute of that day and that night because so many brides say that it goes by as quickly as you can blink. Just be sure to take in all those precious moments as they are happening.”

Do you have any more advice for brides-to-be, Wedding Clubbers?

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