10 Things To Consider Before Buying A Custom Made Engagement Ring

We asked a jeweller to break it down for us.

by Rebecca Hanley

You know when you buy a top on sale, get it home and realise it goes with NONE of the 14 paris of jeans you own? The disappointment (‘but I wanted to wear it tonight!’), the buyer’s remorse (‘no more impulse shopping… ever!’) and then that happy realisation – ‘I can just return it!’

Well, uh… it doesn’t quite work like that with an engagement ring. Yep, just like your guy, it’s pretty much a lifer. Seeing as this purchase is one of the most important you’ll ever make, it’s pretty important to get it right. Buying a custom-made ring ensures you can pick some bling that suits you (and your love) the best. So in honour of this oh-so important purchase, we asked Sarah Larsen from Larsen Jewellery for the ten things you must consider when shopping for custom-made bling.

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1) Do your research

“Browse through magazines, the internet and Pinterest to get an idea of the style you’re after. Stepping into a jeweller with many designs on offer can feel overwhelming, so try to narrow your choice down.”

9) Remember the 4 Cs

Think cut, colour, clarity, carat weight. “It’s a good idea to have a read up on the 4c’s prior to making your first visit. An initial appointment can feel as though you have been presented with an overwhelming amount of information.”

2) Allow plenty of time

“An engagement ring is one of the most significant purchases you will ever make so make, sure you allow the time it deserves. Keep in mind that most jewellers work on around a turnaround of between four and six weeks.”

3) Set a budget

“Choose a price limit – and make sure you stick to it. This removes any unrealistic temptation!”

 4) Be realistic

“If you and your groom are shopping around, make sure you’re comparing apples with apples. It can be very easy to get misguided by prices you may see online. This is why we always recommend customers view a diamond in real life, as it’s only then that it will reveal its true nature.”

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Image: Larsen Jewellery

5) Don’t forget your wedding ring

“Consider if you want an engagement ring that will allow a straight wedding ring to sit flush against it. Keep in mind that there are a few jeweller tricks to make sure your wedding ring will fit the engagement ring.”

 6) The lifestyle factor

“If you have a job or play a sport that involves working with your hands, you may want to consider a ring with a bezel setting. This will provide extra security and protection for your diamond.”

 8) Ask about the after sales service

“Top jewellers will offer a complimentary annual clean and polish. Be sure to ask about this when deciding on which jeweller to go with!”

9) The size

“Try to get the finger size as close as possible, small changes are easily done but if you plan to have diamonds or engraving going all the way around this can make significant resizing tricky. Top jewellers will offer a complimentary resize with their engagement rings.”

10) Sleep on it

“An engagement ring is a significant purchase and one of the most sentimental purchases you will make in your lifetime. Never feel pressured into purchasing something you do not feel right about and, remember, it is normal to make a few visits to your jeweller before making your final choice.”

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by Rebecca Hanley


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