My Big Fat Wedding Venue

If your wedding has a rather large circle of family and friends then the Hilton Sydney can help.

by Wedding Club

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Image: Hilton Sydney

If you are planning a wedding and have a rather large circle of family and friends you should prepare for the struggle of finding the right venue. There are not a lot of wedding locations that can accommodate and cater for your 500 people strong family.

What you should look at are hotels that do an amazing job in turning their event space into a beautiful wedding location; and the best thing about it, they can fit all of your uncles, aunties and cousins in!

The Hilton in Sydney features Australia’s most innovative and versatile event space and can host from 10 to 650 guests (not that you would get that far, would you?). Hilton’s event space has recently been refurbished and combines world-class amenities, state-of-the-art technology, skilled professionals and culinary excellence.

If you need a wedding tailored to your needs right in the heart of the city’s CBD, the Hilton Sydney is the right choice for everyone with a larger scale wedding.

Image: Hilton Sydney
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Image: Hilton Sydney Big Room

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