Wedding Trends: Barely Colourful

For a bride to be, the most important task (after finding Mr. Right) is to choose the right wedding dress. Although the search for the bridal gown should be an…

by Sohpia Smith

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Elegant Style
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For a bride to be, the most important task (after finding Mr. Right) is to choose the right wedding dress. Although the search for the bridal gown should be an enjoyable and fun assignment, sometimes it can cause a real headache. This is not a surprise, considering how many models, colours and styles of wedding dresses are there.

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Classical Glamour
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None of them will admit it, but many girls have been fantasizing about the right wedding dress since they were little. But, those little girls grow up, and the traditional image of the princess-like dress in their mind slowly vanishes. If you don’t want to be a traditional “white bride”, a good way to avoid it is to choose a wedding dress in some other colour, or refresh the white one with some colourful details. After all, what is considered to be traditional in one culture may be completely different in another.

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Traditional Wedding Style
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A classic, but coloured dress

When we’re talking about coloured wedding dresses, you don’t have to go crazy like Dita Von Teese with the Bird of Paradise dress; just a touch of dye can also make a huge difference. If you choose some gentle colour for the dress – like champagne, nude, ivory, lavender, grey, peachy pink or even mint – you’ll look as elegant and gorgeous as you would in a white dress.

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Classic but colourful
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A halfway solution

If you can’t decide between a white and a coloured wedding dress, try one of the halfway combinations.

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Stunning mashup of styles
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  • Ombre styled wedding dresses are very popular this season. They’re a bit edgy, but also romantic and elegant. It’s a good twist for various models.
  • If you prefer sticking to a white wedding gown for a modern romantic look, you can make it a bit more interesting by adding a petticoat in some colour (pastel or bold) or with some floral motifs.
  • If you’re looking for a sophisticated and feminine wedding dress, try one with a gentle watercolour pattern.

Shoes of your dreams

Although there are some conventions when it comes to a bridal gown, there are none concerning the bridal footwear. Flats or high heels, matte or shiny, prom or leather shoes – everything’s allowed, as long as it represents you. Considering that there’s no limitation when it comes to colour, style or model, choosing fabulous bridal shoes may be even more exciting than finding the right dress, and it can be a great way to create a statement bridal look.

PinterestShoes of your dreams
Shoes of your dreams
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Colourful details

Whether if you choose a white or a bright shaded dress, you can improve your wedding look with coloured details. Combined all together, they will make your appearance different and refreshing.

PinterestColourful details
Colourful details
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  • Did you know that diamonds and semiprecious stones come in various colours? And that bijouterie is even more colourful? Use them; jewelry exists to complement your look. It’s a necessity for creating a fabulous look, regardless of the colour of the wedding dress.
  • Unique coloured details on your wedding dress, like a belt, a bow on your back, corset ribbons or sequins, can also significantly enhance your look.
  • Take advantage of bridal add-ons, like gloves, purses or wedding bouquets: colour them up and include them in creating your “barley colourful” wedding look.
  • Your makeup should also match the colour scheme you choose. Bold lips and nails surely won’t go unnoticed.

Including colour into the wedding style is becoming more and more popular. You don’t have to limit this to your outfit only: a groom’s boutonnière and/or your bridesmaids’ dresses can match your wedding gown, or you can go even further and make a whole wedding theme out of it. You can also choose not to blend in with others and stay in the centre of attention – after all, it’s your big day, and the focus should be on you.

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by Sohpia Smith


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