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Diary of a Dress Designer by Helen Constance. Find the shortest distance between you and your dream gown.

K&D_005Image by Oneill & Page and dress by Helen Constance

How to find the shortest distance between you and your dream gown.
Diary of a Dress Designer by Helen Constance

1) Research! Research online before your store visit. Check their Instagram and Facebook for more updated styles. Chances are not all new styles are on their website. Often physical stores have regular turn over, so new styles are in store regularly but not updated on site.

2) Keep an open mind. Ask a designer or dress expert for some recommendations. Designers see brides everyday. Explain your interests and they can help you edit which style to trial.

3) Now, theming. If you find it difficult to start dress shopping because you are not sure what suits you, try theming your dress with the venue and wedding styling ideas. If you are doing a vintage farm house theme for example, look for a gown that would suit your venue and styling of the venue. Communicate your theme and ideas to the designer or a dress expert.

4) Shop with the person who is paying for the gown. The person paying for your gown will give you an honest opinion about the gown you are buying. That and when you find the right gown, you can put a deposit down and buy it. If you are paying for the dress yourself, bring your mother. Share your dress shopping experience with someone you love.

K&D_013Image by Oneill & Page and dress by Helen Constance

5) Try on no more than three dresses, otherwise it confuses you and makes the buying experience stressful. Choose three gowns you love at the store and experience it. See if they live up to your expectations by trying them on.

6) Budgeting – get approval for a budget and have a budget in mind before you start dress shopping. No point wasting your time trying on dresses if you cannot buy it when you like it.

7) Decrease your carbon foot print. When you find a beautiful dress and you are satisfied, make the decision to buy it. Multiple trips to different shops is time wasting and energy wasting. It’s also stressful and hard to coordinate everyone to attend every dress shopping expedition, drive, find parking, organize a sitter etc.

8) Be decisive! Listen to your heart, buy what you love. Love what you wear.

K&D_008Image by Oneill & Page and dress by Helen Constance

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