Should I Cover Up My Tattoos For The Wedding?

Our advice on the dilemma many brides face.

Many brides face a conundrum about tattoos and their wedding day, so we thought we’d weigh in with a bit of advice. Here’s the situation: You’ve got some tattoos you love in pretty prominent places (like your arms, your back or your neck) that will definitely get noticed no matter what dress you decide to wear. Even if you love your tats (and you’ve never seen yourself as a traditional bride anyway), you’re still not sure you’re about having your ink in every photo or how your conservative parents and grandparents will react.

covertattosPhoto: The Sparrow Studio

Our answer?  Your tattoos are part of who you are, and if you love them and they have personal meaning to you then you should find a way to highlight them, not hide them. Choose a dress that frames your tats in an elegant way and pare down your jewellery for a sophisticated way to rock your body art.

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One idea is to take a the middle ground, and use a bolero or capelet to cover up your tats for some photos and take it off for others. That way you have a mix of photos in your wedding album just in case you change your mind about your tattoos later on down the line.

Then again, if it’s the case where your tattoo was a mistake you regret and can’t stand to look at, that’s another story. You’ll want to read our tips to covering up a tattoo for the wedding. Another idea is to ask your photographer to remove your tattoos from the photos themselves — this is done during their photo edit and depending on the photographer it could be an added cost.

Whatever you choose to do about your tattoos, remember that this is your wedding day and so you should do what makes you feel most confident and comfortable.

So what do YOU think about covering up tattoos just for the wedding?

by Simone Hill



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