First Dress Appointment Cheat Sheet

Diary of a Dress Designer by Helen Constance Five steps to getting through your dress appointment without breaking a sweat.

by The Knot

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Five steps to getting through your dress appointment without breaking a sweat.

1.Do your research on styles or silhouettes that you love before you attend your dress appointment. Don’t know where to start?

Try to keep your venue and theme in mind. Does the style I have chosen suit the theme or venue of my wedding reception?  E.g Vintage carousel

2. Try dresses in three different styles to figure out what you like and don’t like. When in your lifetime do you get to wear a princess gown?

3. Go to an appointment with a budget in mind. Have a chat with your partner before you attend a dress fitting. For some ladies the dress is the most important part of their wedding shopping, keep a realistic expectation of your budget on what you like and how much it would cost to achieve it.

4. Decide what you love for yourself. So often when I see brides at a dress appointment, their sister, mother or maid of honour attempts to make the decision for the bride. It causes the bride great discomfort. It’s your wedding day, listen to your heart.

Choose the gown that speaks to you. Make that decision your own.

5. Step by step. Choosing your gown should be a fun and pleasurable experience. Take it in stride and tick of the task one step at a time. E.g. Choose the style you love first, then work out the price differences.

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