5 ways to have a luxury honeymoon on a budget

Although motels and ‘rustic’ cabins can be charming, when it comes to a honeymoon we all prefer a five-star hotel suite, infinity pool, plush robes and a private butler?

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Luxuryescapes.com is a leading Australian travel site that specialises in affordable five-star travel packages. We asked the team to share their top tips for having a luxury honeymoon without breaking the bank.

Chase the fare, not the destination

You might be intent on going to Bora Bora, but be open to where a great flight fare might take you. Contact specialists such as the Luxury Escapes’ flight team, who can get you amazing agent-only deals that you can’t book yourself. By chasing great fares instead of destinations, you can afford to travel more often and upgrade your accommodation, not to mention discover stunning places in Australia and around the world you never even knew existed!

PinterestLuxury Style in Naman
Luxury Style in Naman
Photo: Luxuryescapes.com

Travel off season

If you can, travel off season for best prices on both airfares and hotels. That doesn’t just mean avoiding travelling during school holidays and public holidays, peak periods vary depending the destination. Look for great deals in Thailand in June and July, Bali in November and early December or Croatia and the Greek island in May or September.

Do it yourself

By cutting out the middle man you can save heaps of money, so become your own travel agent by booking your holiday online – but be prepared to spend some time getting it right.
Research, research and then research some more. Make sure to read the fine print of any hotel or holiday deal, especially the validity dates and inclusion conditions. Take the time to check reviews of the hotels, and look the hotel location up on a map and check its distance from the CBD or beach, as well as public transport options. You don’t want to end up spending your entire holiday budget on taxis.

PinterestFinolhu Resort Maldives
Finolhu Resort Maldives
Photo: Luxuryescapes.com

Get as many inclusions as possible

It’s not just about getting the cheap flights and the hotel stays – whilst on holiday, your credit card will be getting a workout. So if you can, get a package holiday with plenty of inclusions.
On LuxuryEscapes.com, all holidays include indulgent extras such as airport transfers, dining experiences, spa treatments and sometimes even private butlers! Not only are you saving money, but it’s often those little extras are the different between a nice trip and the experience of a lifetime.

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Luxury Relaxation
Photo: Luxuryescapes.com

Mention you are on honeymoon!

Flight upgrades, room upgrades, free champagne – as honeymooners, the world can be your oyster, so do let flight, hotel and restaurant staff during your travels know that. However, it could be a good idea to take a copy of your marriage certificate with you because some places will only give you your free honeymoon specials when they see the real thing.
To find a five star honeymoon with amazing inclusions, head to Luxuryescapes.com

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