Tone It Up: Wedding Fitness Plan to Look Stunning on Your Big Day

The big day brides-to-be have dreamed about since they were little girls goes beyond their childhood vision. In fact, the whole ceremony requires a great deal of logistics.

by Sohpia Smith

One of the crucial aspects is indisputably the matter of their gown and their overall look. Anything short of jaw-dropping ensemble that will cause gasps left and right as they walk down the aisle is not acceptable.

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Bridal Style
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Apart from having a sensational dress, making their wedding attire fit like a glove is a great part of the impression brides want to make. To achieve a healthy and toned look they’ll have to commit to a workout plan, and solid beauty habits, dietary changes and discreet cosmetic touch-ups. Read on to find out what’s in our comprehensive bridal package.

Bridal training

What does being toned even mean? For most of women who take up any form of exercise it usually means having a lean, tight body that doesn’t bulge out in the wrong places. For starters, if you are not an active person, start with the everyday walks. The experts say that regular morning activities burn the calories most effectively.

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Bridal Training
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Do some stretching and go for a walk or ride the bike. Lifting weights is a great static exercise for arms, and you don’t have to worry you’ll get a bulked up physique body builders have. Firm up your stomach and hips with some sit-up variants and oblique exercises. Lastly, if you’re already a fitness junkie, just intensify your workout plan.

Diet and nutrition

Changes in nutrition go hand in hand with the workout plan, so if you have some extra weigh to shed, it’s best you commence with your fitness programme from the moment you get engaged. Give yourself enough time to lose those pounds and don’t time it for the last week, as the stress and exhaustion may lead to binge eating.

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Diet and nutrition
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Begin by scheduling 5 meals a day at regular intervals. Skipping meals is prohibited as this can slow down your metabolism and hinder the weightloss process. For the best dietary plan, consult with the nutritionist and take a food tolerance test to pinpoint the sensitivities that may be causing inflammations and weight gain.

Beauty lifestyle

There’s something to beauty that doesn’t rely on food or exercise. Being calm and well-rested affects the functions of our entire body and it’s not something we should neglect. First and foremost, getting a good night’s sleep is still an unparalleled way to allow the cells to recuperate and repair, which subsequently allows you to retain a young and refreshed look. Pair it with a quality night cream and wake up with taut and rosy face.

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Beauty Lifestyle
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While we cannot completely eliminate stress from our lives, we can certainly make a conscious effort to stay away from tension-inducing situations and quarrelsome people. Leave the wedding organisation to professionals and focus on the good stuff.

Last moment touch-ups

The last month before the wedding can be a real roller coaster of emotions, packed with pressing tasks and last minute saves if you don’t map it out in time. Ok, so you lost the weight, toned a bit, but there are still a few beauty enhancements you can incorporate to make it all perfect. Pay a visit to a renowned spa and ask for full package. Make sure to include a depilation treatment that suits your skin, a massage and a facial.

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Last moment touch-ups
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If you’re feeling a bit self-conscious about some of your face features like thin lips, fine lines or lack of sharp cheekbones, you can easily fix it with some simple, non-invasive treatment, like dermal fillers. Top it with stunning (preferably organic) makeup, and steer clear of the infamous cakey look.

The fitness and beauty oriented wedding preparations may differ from bride to bride. These are some of the foolproof pointers to help you start your journey on the right foot.

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